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From surviving cancer to getting abandoned in the jungles of Ecuador, I’ve faced my share of curveballs over the years. But those misadventures have also taught me a lot about resilience and personal development. Now, with support from obstacle-busting experts around the world, I’m sharing the lessons I’ve learned from life’s awesome, awful and absurd moments through illustrated blogs, books, videos and more. I’m Josh Martin, and this is Badge of Awesome.


Prickly problems demand well-equipped problem solvers. My experience with cancer taught me a lot about tackling adversity. Inspired by that journey, I created the Overcoming Obstacles Toolkit. Here, you’ll find a growing collection of stories, advice and local resources to help you get through tough times — whether it’s a broken leg, broken heart, money troubles, global pandemics and more.

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From climate change to clashes with co-workers, obstacles come in all shapes and sizes. The biggest one I’ve ever faced was an aggressive blood cancer. To beat the odds, I’d need to draw on many important lessons he learned from a lifetime of blunderful misadventures. This print book is packed with dozens of laugh-out-loud true stories, as well as practical advice to help you through whatever challenge you might be facing.

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Find funny stories and good advice. Like a collector of misadventure merit badges, I’ve picked up important lessons from tripping over my own two feet. The blog is where I share the stupid things I’ve done — and what I’ve learned from them.

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