Speaker in Toronto, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas

Looking for an engaging  speaker for your next event? Serving Toronto, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, London and surrounding areas, I’m an experienced public speaker for service clubs, events, schools, camps, senior homes, corporate training and more. From banquet halls and boardrooms to classrooms and community centres, I’ve presented to audiences young and old, big and small.

My talks combine humorous storytelling with practical and motivational advice on topics such as gratitude, overcoming obstacles, making the most out of life and the importance of kindness and contribution. That said, I’m also happy to cater my talk to the specific needs and theme of your event.

Popular topics

Below, you’ll find a few of my more popular talks. I’m also more than happy to customize a talk to your group’s specific needs!

Kindness & Contribution

Channel your everyday awesome

Our everyday actions can make a positive impact in the world. Using humour and storytelling, this motivational talk is designed to get students, employees and volunteers fired up about making a difference. Whether you’re kicking off a charitable campaign, celebrating your volunteers or looking to energize your team to realize its potential, Channel Your Everyday Awesome is a fun and engaging presentation sure to inspire. Check out the video below for more info!


More Than a Coin Flip: Five things cancer taught me about overcoming obstacles

Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes. But it’s not how big a problem is that matters, it’s how you choose to face it. Drawing on my personal experience surviving a very aggressive cancer, this presentation explores five lessons I learned about dealing with any of life’s curve balls. These include surrounding yourself with the right people, equipping yourself with effective techniques, staying motivated, being adaptable, and balancing hard work with self-care. Each of the five lessons offers take-away tips and ideas, providing audience members with practical tools to help them with whatever challenges they might face at school, work or in their personal lives.

Available as a one-hour motivational talk or three-hour interactive workshop, More Than a Coin Flip is ideal for professional development events, wellness programming, students and more.


118 Reasons: What almost dying taught me about appreciating the little things

To keep myself motivated after I was diagnosed with cancer, I made a list of 118 things that made life so worth fighting for. Nowhere on it were things like a fancy house, fast car, fat bank account or any other of the material measures of success our consumer-driven society puts so much emphasis on. Instead, the list overflowed with simple pleasures, amazing experiences and the people I care about. In this fun and inspirational talk, I talk about the things that really matter in life and how the road to happiness isn’t paved in possessions.

Redefining success

Mind Your MIBs: Your “Moments in Between”

How do you define success? Often, we gauge it based on what we have: the job titles on our business cards, the cars in our driveways, the money in our wallets. And while achievements like those are great, I think it’s a narrow approach. In this talk, I make the case for valuing the moments in between the big accomplishments,  cherishing experiences instead of material things and weaving everyday kindness into our definitions of success.

funny Stories, Good Advice

Lessons learned from life’s awesome and absurd moments

Whether chasing a thief through alleyways in Africa, eating fish heads in the mountains of Taiwan or nearly swallowing a severed human toe in the Yukon, I’ve learned a lot from my many misadventures. In this series of light-hearted, hour-long talks, I share a selection of hilarious stories from my past and the life lessons I learned from them. Each talk wraps up with a lively discussion, where I invite audience members to reminisce and share their own insights and stories. Book me for your next special event, or make me a regular part of your activity calendar with a slew of themed presentations to choose from.

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