Josh Martin’s misadventure musings
Lessons learned from life’s awesome and absurd moments

Funny stories. Good advice. Josh Martin has learned a lot from his many misadventures – whether it was nearly swallowing a severed human toe, eating dodgy meat in a refugee camp or fighting an aggressive form of leukemia. Drawing on laugh-out-loud true experiences from his past, Josh offers practical advice on overcoming obstacles, growing as a person, building community and making the most out of life.

It’s self-help with a sense of humour, personal development with a punchline.

Soft cover, 214 pages, 40 stories, 100+ illustrations
Price: $19.95

Kindle ebook edition: $9.99

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What you’ll find inside

cover-imageDownload three sample chapters for a taste of Misadventure Musings

Part 1: Resilience

  • What my so-so odds at beating cancer taught me about asking for help
  • What a sledgehammer to the thumb taught me about using the right tools
  • What a Sunday stroll through burning nettle taught me about life’s shortcuts
  • What the Great Port Albert Toboggan Wars taught me about creative problem solving
  • What almost giving Shaun a hernia taught me about self-sabotage
  • What sleeping in a barn taught me about keeping my fires stoked
  • What Bill Clinton getting in my way taught me about adaptability
  • What the Dawson City Demon taught me about getting away
  • What life’s thunderstorms taught me about putting one foot in front of the other
  • What a man named Frank taught me about luck

Part 2: Growth

  • What being a muddy torpedo taught me about focussing on the how, not the what
  • What being blindfolded and left in a farmer’s field taught me about failing my way to success
  • What the lamest science project ever taught me about putting in the extra effort
  • What starring as a tree taught me about overcoming public speaking fears
  • What a rascally rabbit taught me about productivity
  • What banshee babies and buttered butts taught me about handing over the reins
  • What sleeping on a woodpile in a snowstorm taught me about knowing when to quit
  • What my dad getting shot in the eye taught me about owning up to our mistakes
  • What wearing a clay helmet taught me about bad habits
  • What nearly swallowing a severed human toe taught me about thinking things through

Part 3: Connection

  • What five farting men in a yurt taught me about the benefits of camping
  • What an alarm clock possessed by the devil taught me about relying too much of technology
  • What digging wells in Ghana taught me about refugee connections
  • What a life-saving cat taught me about scratching below the surface
  • What farty furniture and Fish Stick Fridays taught me about cultural sensitivity
  • What a wolf in the woods taught me about knowledge and responsibility
  • What a kayak full of leeches taught me about consumerism’s ugly underbelly
  • What lying in a puddle of puke taught me about tunnel vision
  • What a bloody refrigerator taught me about ripple effects
  • What coffee with an Icelandic goat taught me about connecting to care

Part 4: Adventure

  • What almost dying taught me about life’s everyday awesome
  • What launching a fireball into the house taught me about nurturing imagination
  • What blue-blazing the Bruce Trail taught me about taking the road less traveled
  • What throwing sticks in a river taught me about being young at heart
  • What being a world crokinole championship contender taught me about backyard adventures
  • What diving off a cliff taught me about facing my fears
  • What blood and glue fumes taught me about putting myself out there
  • What a hay bale to the head taught me about work-life balance
  • What an angry old man taught me about seizing the day
  • What a fireworks fight and midnight hike taught me about cherishing memories

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Simple(ton) Living: Lessons in balance from life’s absurd moments

Simple(ton) Living Cover

By Josh Martin
[248 pages]

Print edition: $9.99
Kindle ebook edition: $4.99

Funny stories. Good advice. Looking for a bit more balance and simplicity in your life? Whether driving his scooter through the streets of Taiwan wearing a dress, chasing a thief through back alleys in Africa, rafting down a river in a dugout canoe in the jungles of Ecuador, or fighting cancer in Canada, Josh Martin’s misadventures have taught him many valuable lessons.

This hilarious collection of over 50 stories offers insightful advice and practical tips on:

  • work/life balance
  • time management
  • setting priorities in life
  • doing more with less
  • voluntary simplicity
  • and a whole lot more!
Click below to purchase your print copy of Simple(ton) Living. Click here for the Kindle ebook edition.