How to build a trebuchet

I never took physics in high school. But friends of mine did and I remember them having to build miniature catapults (and other medieval instruments of destruction) as part of their coursework. I’m all for kids getting excited about education. But what happens when your students get too excited about physics, and decide to apply what they learned on a larger scale? Well my friends, you get the very bad-ass, very awesome Trebosterone Trebuchet:

This week’s Backyard Badge of Awesome goes to Mike Dalton and his crew of medieval military engineers. What you don’t see in this video is that they graduated from firing milk jugs to firing gasoline-filled, flaming pumpkins at a Thanksgiving gathering.

Ah, country living.

Sorry Ms. Skillen. If you didn’t want your students building pumpkin-flinging war machines, maybe you should have taught them how to build a teeter-totter instead.

What cool things have you built in your backyard? Share your stories in the comments below.

How to build a trebuchet

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