Life’s Shortcuts: Lessons learned from a Sunday stroll through stinging nettle

nettleCutting corners in life can have painful results.

Whoever said two heads are better than one clearly weren’t thinking of me and my brother Nicholas. Individually, we could make sensible—even smart—choices. Together? Yeah, not so much.  As teenagers, we’d often hatch plans that seldom went smoothly, like the time we decided to embark on a two day hike up the Nine Mile River near our home in rural Southwestern Ontario. Continue reading

Getting Out of Debt: Lessons learned from my sister getting stuck in a pit of clay

clayA lot of words come to mind when thinking about debt. Stuck. Mired. Drowning. Buried. The images these words conjure up remind me of a story from my childhood.

As a kid, my youngest sister Meghan would often join my brother Nicholas and me on our adventures to the “Death Cliffs”. Admittedly, a bit of an exaggerated moniker. The Death Cliffs were in fact a section of high muddy banks along the Nine Mile River near our hometown of Port Albert, Ontario. Continue reading

Life’s Curveballs: Lessons learned from the ugliest pie in the land

pieBefore we somehow managed to find ourselves girlfriends, my roommate Shane and I were typical bachelors in many ways. I had a Superman poster in my bedroom. Shane had a bunch of Star Wars toys in his. The furniture in our place was a mishmash of used pieces, chosen for utility and convenience over what’s stylish or “in”. You’d find a stack of comic books behind the toilet in our bathroom. Continue reading

Knowledge and Responsibility: Lessons learned from a wolf in the woods

wolf“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Voltaire (and Uncle Ben from Spiderman, of course)

My eyes snapped open as I heard the low and menacing growl nearby. Even with my eyes as wide as they were, I couldn’t see much. It was late and our campfire was out. Though engulfed in darkness I could still tell that my brother Nicholas and cousin Adam, wrapped in their sleeping bags next to me, were awake now too. Continue reading