Channel Your Everyday Awesome

Lifestyle Citizens presentationThe clothes we wear, the food we eat, the way we treat each other: our small, everyday actions can go a long way in making our world an awesome place.

That’s the message behind my new talk that I’ll be sharing with schools, businesses and community groups this year. These presentations are part of my work with my not-for-profit organization Lifestyle Citizens, which aims to empower people to be good neighbours, environmental stewards and ethical consumers.

Learn more about it by clicking on the video below or visiting the Lifestyle Citizens website. And please share with anybody you think might be interested in having me in as a guest speaker!


Josh Martin
Chief Adventure Officer (yes, I made that up)
Josh Martin is the founder and chief blogger at Badge of Awesome. He lives in southwestern Ontario, Canada and is the author of "Misadventure Musings: Lessons learned from life's awesome and absurd moments" and "Going on a Bear Hunt: Five things cancer taught me about overcoming obstacles."

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