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Whether you’re switching careers, finding your way through a sticky situation or figuring out your place in the world, professional coaching can help you be more awesome. We’ve included a list of coaches below to get you started. Interested in being added to our featured coaches directory? Email us at

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Featured Canadian Coaches

Kim Ades, Frame of Mind Coaching
President and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching

Contact: | | 416.747.6900 ext 221

“Kim Ades, MBA is president and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngineTM Software. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and mother of 5, Kim is one of North America’s foremost experts on coaching with a focus on mindset. By using her unique process of coaching, she works with clients who are intelligent, driven, and ambitious and helps them examine and shift their thinking in order to yield extraordinary results.”

Paul Barber, Life Coach
CPCC (CTI), Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CA), Real Estate Broker (retired)

Contact: |

“As a co-active coach, I engage you by asking the tough questions that assist you to move in your chosen direction. I may not know your answers but I’ll sure find them with you. Background: teaching, publishing, real estate sales and management, sex coaching, retirement and aging. I am an out gay male. I have experienced advocating in the health care field, final days at home, death and bereavement and moving on.”

Sophie Belisle, Health and Wellness Coach
Certified health and wellness coach (Wellcoaches); Certified fitness instructor specialist (Canfitpro); Mental health first aid certified; Self esteem and Mindfullness expert

Contact: |

“Let Sophie empower and inspire you through coaching and innovative programs that incorporate the use of exercise, nutrition, goal setting, education, meditation, and positive imagery to improve and encourage healthier living and disease prevention.”

Catherine Burdett, Kaleidos Coaching Group Inc since 2006
Coaches Training Institute trained and certified Coach (CPCC); Professional Certified Coach designation (PCC) through the International Coach Federation; Certified in the Use of Emotional Intelligence assessment identifying how to use emotions as stepping stones to Well-being

Contact: | 587-434-9009

“We all seek to be fulfilled in our lives, to be passionate and on purpose, to be connected and to contribute. I am honored to work with clients from all walks of and stage of life desiring to be who they are meant to be and do what they are meant to do. Sometimes that be tough to identify what you really want, what’s important about it and how you can create or achieve it. It can be even tougher without the support of an unbiased champion, a cheerleader, a coach. Living the lives we have dreamed of requires courage, self-awareness, the creation of an action plan and being held to accountability for long-term sustainable change. What are you waiting for? If not now, then when?”

John Butler, Personal Insight Coaching and Consulting
President & Founder, Creative Thought Leaders Inc.
Certified Professional Coach (CPC), B Comm., FICB, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA); Member of International Coach Federation (ICF)

Specialties: Life Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching, Executive Coaching, Business Coaching

Contact: | | 416-938-1198

“After 25 years of success with the Bank of Montreal Financial Group, where John Butler was recognized as an unparalleled developer of both business and people, he decided to pursue his entrepreneurial passion. In 2007, John launched Creative Thought Leaders Inc., providing C-suite coaching and leadership development services to an international portfolio of executive clients, as well as forging a practice of Life Coaching focused on Personal Health & Wellness. John’s success is characterized by his strategic ability to harness the power of creativity for continual business innovation and customer-centric solutions; as well as a profound insight for recognizing and developing high-potential talent. John brings positive energy, inspiration and compassion from his own life experiences and works with clients who are intelligent, ambitious and enthusiastic. Through helping his clients understand and shift their thinking, they often achieve extraordinary results.”

Gina Cajucom PHR CHRP, Insight Coaching and Consulting
Completed 200 co-active coaching hours with Coaches Training Institute (CTI), 15 years of experience and post-graduate studies in Human Resources Management, graduated in B.S. Psychology, currently pursuing a Master’s Certificate in Organization Development

Contact: | | 416-907-4691

“Insight Coaching supports individuals and organizations navigate change, manage career transitions and development through Authentic Workplace Engagement™. We will support your process to discover meaningful work that drives toward growth, fulfillment, and work-life integration – at any stage in your career.”

Tracy Currie, Studio for the Inner Voice
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Contact: | | 519-274-0799

“Tracy is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. Clients describe her as creative, empowering, open, engaging and warm. She has coached groups and individuals with diverse backgrounds and life challenges; from students to executives, from business, labour and homemaking to opera and film, navigating with them through professional and personal change.”

Tina Dias, Transformational Leadership
Reach Your Highest Potential
Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads; Professional Certified Coach (PCC) trained by Coach U; ICF certified

Contact | | 647-960-3652 | (blog)

“Tina believes everyone has a story and works with individuals to empower them to write their NEW story. Through her program I AM the WAY, she support individuals to envision and create a story with limitless beliefs, one that resonate in their hearts and aligns with how they want to live and show up everyday in their lives.”

Cheryl Drewek Coaching

Contact: | | 587-350-2682

“As a Certified Professional Coach and a Daring Way™ Facilitator-Candidate (based on Brené Brown’s research), Cheryl empowers, liberates and motivates through partnership with professional caregiving men and women who feel “something is missing”. Invite more courage, connection and compassion into your life. Contact Cheryl to engage in a Discovery Session.

  • Life Strategic Coaching 1:1
  • Life Strategic Coaching Group Sessions
  • The Daring Way™ – 3 Day Intensive
  • The Daring Way™ – 8 Weekly Sessions
  • The Daring Way™ – 1:1
  • The Daring Way™ Workshops
  • Additional Workshop Facilitation Available upon request”

Ivan Fenton
ACC, Integral Development Coach

Contact: |

“A retired senior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, Ivan helps government and business executives enhance their leadership, communication and team-building abilities by developing their awareness of their own limiting patterns, and building on this awareness for stronger connections, contributions and fulfillment at work and in life.”

Marielle Gauthier, Redworks Communications
ABC, Results Certified Coach, ACC

Contact: | | 306 370-6284 (cell) | 306 955-3205 (office)

“Marielle Gauthier is a Results certified coach and a qualified Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She has extensive experience in coaching, facilitation, training, instructional design and communications planning. She supports individuals, teams and organizations achieve their personal and workplace goals in work performance, transition, work/life balance, stress management, and overall wellbeing.”

Thomi Glover, Director, MayneStay Consulting Group Ltd.
PhD (ABD), MDiv. (Masters of Divinity), ICF Professional Certified Coach, Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

Contact: |

“Over 2500 hours of coaching experience. Specializing in supporting people create new directions for their lives, especially following serious illness of other significant life changes. Specialist in neuroscience and emotional intelligence. A cancer “survivor” for over 15 years who knows how that experience can be a catalyst for exploring life purpose. High level of comfort working with clients in senior corporate and social sector contexts.”

Carol Henry, Carol Henry Coaching

Contact: | | 416-937-1072

“Carol Henry is an ICF PCC certified coach who focuses on helping people connect with their inner resourcefulness, and their values, so that they can make changes and transitions aligned with who they truly are. Let me help you get out of your own way, clear the clutter, and develop ways to stay focused on achieving your goals.”

Colleen Lewis, Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
Certified in the Art and Science of Coaching, Erickson College, ICF member, BA Organizational Development

Contact: | | 587-999-8846

“I empower and inspire leaders, organizations, and individuals to overcome their obstacles to thrive in their business and personal life. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction then to partner with an individual to achieve their highest goals and succeed in their life. With over 30 years of corporate experience leading individuals, I have a wealth of knowledge and skills to assist others in their quest for creating the life of their desires. As a trained and experienced mediator, I have assisted others to resolve their conflicts, in addition to, providing conflict coaching and training in conflict management.”

Margaret Macmillan, Margaret Macmillan Coaching
ACC – Associate Certified Coach recognized by International Coach Federation; Certified Emotional Fitness Coach; Reach Certified Personal Branding Specialist

Contact: | | 416-543-1859

“Emotional Fitness coaching is a process that is focused on supporting you through self-discovery and the fulfillment of your potential. As your Emotional Fitness coach Margaret believes that in order to achieve a healthy balance between your satisfactions and frustrations in life you need to be listened to and to hear yourself. She is your thinking and listening partner in helping you to recognize your unique strengths, accept yourself and take meaningful action to achieve positive results.”

Colin McAllister, Perspect Management Consulting

Contact: | | 306-543-2231

“Colin completed his Graduate Certification in Executive Coaching through Royal Roads University and is a Member of the International Coaching Federation. Over the past 20 years Colin has a proven record of accomplishment in the areas of executive coaching, strategic planning, process improvement and organizational change management to name a few. He has held various leadership positions including the C-Suite in the areas of management, operations, and business development and engineering design with organizations ranging from multinational organizations and Government to small and medium enterprises and start up ventures in seven countries across four continents. He has also served as the Chair, President and Director for not for profits organizations and Executive/Steering Committees.”

Inga Michaelsen, Freebird Leadership & Coaching
Transformational Business Coaching and Leadership Training for Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs
Co-Active Certified Coach, CTI trained leader, ORSC Fundamentals

Contact: |

“Whether you are a veteran business owner or just thinking of starting your own business, if you want to use entrepreneurial principles to be of service for the greater good, get in touch with Inga Michaelsen for a complimentary Entrepreneurial Success strategy session. Inga specializes in supporting social entrepreneurs increase their impact and make more money while feeling inspired by what they do.”

Isabelle Moreau, Wellness & Leadership Coach
Associate Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation); Professional Co-Active Coach Certification (The Coaches Training Institute); Results Coaching Coach Training (Robbins Research International); Facet5™ Assessment Certification; Certified Meditation Teacher (Chopra Centre University); Executive Marketing Management Program (Queen’s University); Bachelor of Education (Université de Montréal)

Contact: | | 416-371-7180

“Isabelle is a Wellness & Leadership Coach. She is passionate about supporting clients in the realization of their career goals and the development of their personal and professional leadership skills. Isabelle is a former high-performance athlete, educator and corporate executive who brings a wealth of diverse experience and knowledge to her coaching clients. She was one of only sixty coaches worldwide selected by Robbins Research International to coach clients of sought-after Anthony Robbins. Isabelle is also a certified meditation teacher and has taught numerous programs to help individuals reduce the negative effects of stress on the mind and body. Her clients have used the meditation practice to benefit their lives and optimize their work performance. Isabelle is fluent in English and French, lives in Toronto and works with clients around the world.”

Angela Neumann, Neumann Leadership
MA Leadership and Training, Certified Life Skills and Executive Coach, PCC

Contact: | | 260 658-9224

“Who we are is how we lead. Since leadership is an inside out job we have to look within for the answers that will help guide us through our challenges. I’d love to support you in finding that authentic inner voice to help you show up courageously on your journey.”

Paula Olmstead, Prairie Dolphin Consulting Inc.

Contact: | 587-434-7324

“With executive leadership experience and masters level education, I partner with passion and purpose to meet client needs. It’s all about you! Have a look at my LinkedIn profile for client recommendations.”

Brenda Payne, Payne Health Care Consultancy and Coaching Services
Senior Health Care Executive, RN, BN, MN, Certified Executive Coach and ICF member

Contact: | 902-305-0619

“Through a partnership with the client and/or group, Payne Health Care Consultancy & Coaching services include:

  • Navigating to locate, negotiate and engage required health services
  • Providing a safe and confidential ‘place’ to address an issue or problem area
  • Exploring, experimenting and learning new ways of working, thinking and being personally and professionally
  • Setting and achieving desired personal health/work goals
  • Providing support to enable personal transformation”

Linda Schnabel, CareerWorks
PCC (Professional Certified Coach)
Contact: | | 905-523-4281

“Accredited through the ICF (International Coach Federation), Linda has over fifteen years of solid experience as a leadership, team, and career development coach. With both private and public sector clients, Linda deploys her advanced coaches’ training to serve as a catalyst for organizational learning and development.

Eager to act as a mentor and leader in her own field, Linda embraces opportunities where she can have far-reaching impact. Currently she is engaged in a global knowledge transfer initiative, a proprietary process that captures and records intellectual property from departing employees in order to minimize organizational risk.”

Michelle Scott, Strategic Talent Solutions
Your Partner in reaching Peak Performance!

Contact: | | 403-852-3267

“Michelle is a professional coach, former executive and keynote speaker specializing in leadership development, organization transformation and coaching. Organizations hire Michelle to facilitate the development of leaders and talent to increase their effectiveness and reach the next level. Individuals hire Michelle to reach their personal and professional peak performance and achieve personal transformation to lead more fulfilling and rewarding lives. The coaching practice includes leadership coaching as well as personal transformation. Strategic Talent Solutions offers HR Consulting, personal & professional one-on-one coaching sessions, leadership development, team building as well as workshops designed for teams, groups and associations.”

Debbie Stephenson, Primary Growth
CPCC Certified Professional Co-active Coach trained at CTI Coaches Training Institute in California


“Debbie has worked in corporate retail for the largest Canadian food and retail chain for over 40 years. During this time she has held several management positions, leading and inspiring both large and small teams. Over the last ten years Debbie has been leading teams under Human Resources in Training and Development for retail management colleagues. Debbie trained with the world renowned CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and earned her certification as a CPCC (Certified Professional Co-active Coach). Through this training Debbie has used her knowledge as a coach and her gift to create a safe and trusting space to become a sought after Corporate and Personal Coach. Debbie brings positive energy, inspiration and compassion from her own life experiences and those of her family.”

Jayne Willoughby
Certified CTI coach (CPCC); CTI Leadership Program graduate
BScNursing, MSc-Family Studies, BFA-Art and Design (University of Alberta)

Contact: | (587) 524-6493 or (780) 908-7785

“I coach individuals and groups who want to transition from where they are now to a new way of being and living. I am particularly interested in working with: professional helpers (medical, educational, security and other service providers), creatives (artists, arts organizations, and creative thinkers in business), and elite athletes.”

Featured US Coaches

Luz N Adams, Integrated Holistic Coaching and Academy (IHCA)
Certified Master Coach; Certified: Life, Spiritual, Health & Wellness, NLP, and Group Coach. Certified as a Nurse Coach – board certified by ANA and AHNCC. Member of ICF and IAC. Bilingual and co-author of the books “Mastering the Art of Success,” “The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Wellbeing” and “Success Guide for he Unstoppable Entrepreneur.” RN for 34 years, have a dibetic coaching practice, public and motivational speaker.

Contact: | 800-330-9398

“Master Coach and Director of the Integrated Holistic Coaching and Academy®. Master Coach for Health and Wellness, Life, Spiritual, ADHD, and group coaching as well as certifying others to become coaches.”

Karen Beals, Wake up Your Spirit
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through “The Coaches Training Institute”, Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaches Federation; completed Marion Franklin’s three month “Laser Coaching” Program, Ben Dooley’s “Fast Pass to Master Coaching”, and completed “The Essentials of Coaching” through Professional Christian Coaching Institute.

Contact: | 708/699-8732 (cell)

“Go and Grow! Karen helps people get unstuck so they can reclaim their lives. In her day job, she coaches leaders in manufacturing and is a facilitator for the company’s “Radical Leadership” retreats. She also has a passion for women in transition. Say “yes” to you and “no” to self-doubt.”

JoAnn Bouda, MM, PCC
Bouda Life Coaching; Your Weight Loss for Life
ICF Certification as a PCC

Contact: | | | 402-812-8400

“I have a passion for supporting people in both the Health Care Professions as well as folks who use Health Care. As a coach, author & presenter I am devoted to supporting people who are experiencing a serious or chronic illness, as well as those who need support in getting control of their own weight. Pro-active and effective weight loss improves the quality of life as well as longevity. Coaching is a huge part of the journey to a healthy weight & lifestyle. I have spent years inside of hospitals inspiring and empowering leaders and teams.”

Karen Staib Duffy
Executive and Personal Coaching, Quantum Development Coaching
Professional Certified Coach (ICF); Ontological Coach – Newfield Network, Coaching for Professional and Personal Mastery; MBA – University of Chicago, BA – Northwestern University

Contact: | | +847-387-3604

“Karen is your thought partner and collaborator for greater success, with over a decade of experience as a coach. She has worked with 200 executives in a wide variety of industries. Karen’s focus is Developmental Coaching, action-oriented and solution-focused for transformational learning and quantum leaps in personal and professional development.”

Jill Fahlgren, The Possible Life
CHIC (Coaching certification from the Hudson Institute of Coaching. The Hudson Institute of Coaching has ACTP (accredited coach training program) status through the International Coach Federation (ICF).); MBA (Kellogg School of Management)

Contact: | | 312-339-3562

“Jill is a midlife transition and transformation coach. She will help you face your challenges (whether personal or career related) head on so you can move forward and get what you want. She focuses on exploration (what is possible), clarity (what you want), planning (how to get it), and accountability (to keep you on track so you reach your goals).”

Melissa Fahrney, M.A., ACC, CSST
Certified ADHD and Life Coach, licensed HeartMath® Provider, school psychologist


“Professional coaching, stress management and career development services for youth and adults. 1:1 and group via phone, online and email.”

Szonja Fekete, SzF Coaching
Certified NLP Coach

Contact: | | 209-790-4115

“I coach women who want to enjoy a more balanced, happy life by focusing on nurturing themselves, and identifying and following their dreams. My own cancer diagnosis at the age of 19 made me aware of the urgency and importance of practicing good self-care and pursuing my dreams. I’m passionate about helping other women ensure that they don’t put their needs and dreams on hold indefinitely for the sake of other obligations.”

Nicole Frederickson, GrowthCentric Coaching & Consulting
MBA, ELI-MP, ICF member

Contact: |

“Nicole is a professional coach, specializing in Executive / Corporate coaching and consulting. Nicole’s passion for performance, results and people in the corporate world led her to pursue a leading coach training program and launch GrowthCentric Coaching. She has nearly 20 years of corporate management experience working with executives at Fortune 100 companies and small businesses. She works with small business owners, individuals and corporations on leadership development, increasing performance, fulfillment and balance both personally and professionally.”

Julie Jones Hamilton, Empowerment Foundation Group Inc.
Certified Life Mastery Consultant – Life Mastery Institute; Board Member, Past President – Chrysalis House Inc. org, Lexington KY; CEO – EFGroup Inc.; Co-founder –; University of Kentucky Fellowship Society

Contact: | 859-229-5939

“I am a highly trained consultant and coach, specializing in global transformation and human development. I support you in achieving vibrant health, financial freedom and love in your life. By using a “Thinking Technology” to create a blueprint for living, we turn appeared failure into soaring success. Join me in creating your blueprint for life and for a better world! Grow, Give and Celebrate!”

Laura Miolla, MoxieLife
Coaching for a Fearless Life Before, During and After Divorce
CTI certified, ACC ICF certification, Divorce Mediator certified

Contact: | | 978-378-0857

“Divorce is a playground for your most powerful saboteurs – failure, fear, panic, betrayal, self-worth, self-doubt, despair, hopelessness, and regret. MoxieLife Separation and Divorce Coaching gives you the clarity and purpose you need to fearlessly transform your life before, during and after divorce. You don’t need to do this alone.”

Monique Morimoto, MS, CPCC
SoulWorks Coaching® and SoulWorks Rhythm®

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI); Certified in the Spiritual Intelligence Assessment SQ21; Student of the Diamond Approach

Contact: | | 978-687-4069

“Transitions are the soul’s wakeup call. They offer the choice to do what we’ve always done or to do something different. Monique supports women in transition to discover that “something different” and to take the next right action while navigating the process with compassion and wisdom.”

Dr. Janet Palmer
Dr. Janet Palmer International
I hold a doctorate in psychology, I hold a PCC with the ICF and a BCC with The Center for Credentialing & Education

Contact: | | 212-826-3869

“Dr. Palmer works with people who want to feel wildly excited, inspired and focused in their lives, careers and relationships. She delights in partnering with individuals who strive to make a difference in their own lives, the lives of others, and the world at large.”

Mark Scannell, Mark Scannell Coaching
ACC accredited coach thru International Coaching Federation as well as Recovery Coaches International

Contact: | 612-387-3778

“As a coach, I specialize in helping people move thru obstacles such as shame & addiction in order to discover what they really want in their lives & take steps to make this real.”

Nancy L. Seibel, Keys to Change LLC

Contact: | | 240-997-0288

“Sometimes we want to make changes. Other times change comes to us uninvited. Either way, having someone on your side, helping you move through the natural process of change can make all the difference. I offer clear-headed, compassionate and careful listening, combined with creative approaches tailored to the realities faced by busy people.”

Coach Jackie, a.k.a. Jacqueline Verrilli
Certified Coach, ICF, MBA

Contact: | | 773-960-6668

“Goals Getters Global provides Personal, Executive, and Entrepreneurial Goals Coaching and Consulting services to individuals, organizations and institutions. Through our proprietary analytical process and implementation services, clients can expect quick results through greater productivity, enhanced creativity, and congruent communication through the establishment of a culture of collaboration.”

Nancy L. Westaway, — Lifestyle Coaching
Anything and Everything Happy – Happiness Through a Lifestyle of Wellness

Contact: |

“Nancy is a licensed NLP Master Practitioner with a background in Exercise Science, who embraces Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Wellness into her coaching practice. Nancy is also a Certified Life Coach, Social/Emotional Intelligence Coach, Motivational Coach, Weight Loss Master Coach, and Certified Nutrition Coach Pn1. She has trained and/or coached people from all walks of life and of all levels of fitness from beginner to pro. And in addition to her coaching practice, Nancy is a Certified Laughter Yoga Therapy Leader.”

Julia Harris Wexler
Julia Harris Wexler Consulting, LLC.
Columbia University Certified Executive Career/Leadership Coach; BA/MA Columbia University; 23 years as Partner for Executive Search Firm
Expertise: Mid-career shifting; work/life balance; Purpose Driven Career Change; Resume Overhaul; Skill Assessment; Interview Skills; Marketing Yourself in the New Economy

Contact: | 914-584-4966

“As an Executive Career Coach, I help people push through self-imposed barriers to identify their skills, purpose and attain their most fulfilling path. I have an advanced degree (MA) in Psychology, coupled with two decades working in Executive Search for the financial services industry. My coaching is a partnership with my clients to help them realize their talents, aspirations and execute their professional goals.”

Patrick Williams, Coaching The Global Village
MCC (Master Certified Coach); BCC (Board Certified Coach); Honorary VP, International Society for Coaching Psychology


“Dr Pat has been a developer of leaders for 3 decades and spoken around the world. He founded Coaching the Global Village in 2006 to bring the power of the coach approach to the underserved and resource poor of the world. CGV associates provide leadership training to grassroots organizations and/or non profits, NGOS or corporate social change initiatives. Pat’s message is that leadership is an activity, not just a position. Pat’s speaking and training is inspirational, providing an igniting spark to individuals, communities or organizations and offers ways and methods and tools to ‘keep the fire burning’ after the training.”