Cool things to do in Whistler, British Columbia

Carve fresh powder down black diamond slopes. Cycle a two-wheeled wonderland in the Sea to Sky corridor. Feast on five-star fine dining in the heart of the Rockies. What’s on your list of favourite things to see and do in Whistler, B.C.?

Having cancer taught me to embrace the many incredible experiences life has to offer. Inspired by my journey, I started Badge of Awesome Communities to share ideas for adventure in destinations around the world — and invite others to do the same. Explore the featured attractions below, see what others are saying in the comments, and add your own favourite things to see and do in the Whistler area to the growing collection!

Life is short. Let’s inspire each other to get off the couch and make the most of it.

Featured Attractions

Whistler eBikes

Discover old growth forests, alpine communities, wildlife and more from the saddle of an electric bike that makes uphills just as easy as downhills

3 thoughts on “Cool things to do in Whistler, British Columbia

  1. NR Paulson says:

    Everybody knows Whistler for its skiing and snowboarding. But there’s so much more to do here! Amazing mountain bike parks, picnics in Bandywine Falls park and great art galleries and museums.

  2. Jonathan says:

    – Whistler Village Beer Festival
    – Tough Mudder Whistler
    – The Outdoor Concert Series
    – The New Year’s Eve parties 🙂

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