Cool things to do in the Toronto area

The Big Smoke. The 6ix. Hogtown. Whatever you call it, Canada’s largest city boasts endless opportunities for adventure. What’s on your list?

Having cancer taught me to embrace the many incredible experiences life has to offer. Inspired by my journey, I started Badge of Awesome Communities to share ideas for adventure in destinations around the world — and invite others to do the same. Explore the featured attractions below, see what others are saying in the comments, and add your own favourite things to see and do in the Toronto area to the growing collection!

Life is short. Let’s inspire each other to get off the couch and make the most of it.

Featured Attractions


Beer Lovers’ Tour

Combine history with a craft beer adventure of discovery in this award-winning tour — now in its 18th year!

Bad Dog Theatre

Laugh yourself silly with Toronto’s longest running improv show, nightly performances with some of the city’s best comedians and a slew of improv classes for adults and youth

6 thoughts on “Cool things to do in the Toronto area

  1. Omar G says:

    – picnic on the islands
    – enjoying a good meal on the Danforth
    – meeting up with friends in the Beaches
    – grabbing a beer at the Amsterdam brewery
    – taking in a show at the Fringe Festival

  2. Licia Tran says:

    Like a lot of people I moved to TO for work after school and put down roots here. There’s lots I miss about small town living (grew up in a town of less than 500 people) but I love that there’s ALWAYS something to in Toronto. There seems to be a different festival every week (or day?) and I love that if I want I can get a shawarma at 3 in the morning.

  3. Sandra, Ken & Lucy says:

    1. Skating at Nathan Phillips Square
    2. The aquarium
    3. Impromptu Jays game on a random weekday
    4. Seeing the polar bears at the Toronto Zoo with Nana

  4. Armen Ellis says:

    Because we’re the only family members who live in the “big city,” we get a lot of out-of-town visitors. Some of our favourite things to do to entertain our guests include:

    – distillery district
    – checking out a new exhibit at the AGO
    – strolls thru High Park
    – the Hockey Hall of Fame (for our sporty visitors)
    – Nathan Phillips Square skating in the winter
    – doing a “food truck tour”

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