More than a coin flip: A free webinar

From pandemics to tight deadlines, obstacles come in all shapes and sizes. In “More than a Coin Flip,” Josh Martin draws on his personal experience with cancer to explore what it takes to tackle life’s prickly problems. The 20-minute motivational webinar is divided into four sections that provide practical advice designed to boost your resiliency in the face of adversity.

  • Section 1. The right tools: Tapping into available resources
  • Section 2. The right techniques (part 1): Staying motivated
  • Section 3. The right techniques (part 2): Coming up for air
  • Section 4. The right team: Asking for help

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From climate change to clashes with co-workers, obstacles come in all shapes and sizes. The biggest one Josh Martin ever faced was an aggressive blood cancer. To beat the odds, he’d need to draw on many important lessons he learned from a lifetime of blunderful misadventures. 

This 216-page e-book is packed with laugh-out-loud true stories, as well as practical advice to help you through whatever challenge you might be facing. Find out what duct-taping a duffel bag to his brother’s back taught Josh about quick fixes. Or what digging wells in Africa taught him about getting to the root of a problem. Or what multiple run-ins with Bill Clinton’s security detail taught him about adaptability

It’s self-help with a sense of humour. Because personal development tips are far more memorable when they come with a punchline.

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