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Get Lost (I mean that in the nicest way, I swear): Random road trips

This week’s Backyard Badge of Awesome comes to us via Kendra Barrick of Ottawa, Ontario. Sometimes having no destination in mind at all leads to the best journeys. Random road trips where the only goal is to have a fun time are awesome. Here’s Kendra with her version of “Get Lost”:

“Have you ever played the game Get Lost? Give it a try! Hop in a car, an old one is best (thinking K car….) and grab a couple of friends. Head over to the nearest Short Stop and buy the most sugar filled pop you can find. Then you drive. You hop on a road and drive. You get to a stop sign and someone picks Left, Right, or Straight. Then repeat. The only goals of Get Lost are to have fun and adventure to a new or maybe an old favourite place (who knows?!)”

Random road trips are the best. I remember a great one I took with my brother Chris way back in 2000. Our brother, Nicholas, was in the army and stationed in Gagetown, New Brunswick. When he moved out East, he left behind his big-screen TV at our Mom’s place in Port Albert, Ontario. Now settled in, he wanted it.

Looking for an excuse to take a road trip, Chris and I volunteered to deliver the TV. It was a great road trip through Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick and we spent way more time on the road than we did in Gagetown since we both needed to be back for work.

We passed the time enjoying the scenery, playing games like “I went on a camping trip” and panicking at the thought of stopping in Quebec and having to order fast food in French. Crappy motel rooms, cheap campsites and the open highway. Giddy’up.

As Kendra shows, you don’t need a great destination in mind to have a great time. Sometimes getting lost is more fun than getting there.

What experiences have you had “getting lost”?

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