Prickly problems demand well-equipped problem solvers. I’m Josh Martin, and my experience with cancer taught me a lot about tackling adversity. Inspired by that journey, I created the Overcoming Obstacles Handbook. Here, you’ll find a collection of stories, inspiration and advice about getting through tough times — from broken legs and broken hearts to COVID quarantines, money troubles and more.

Local resources: Need a helping hand?

This edition of the Overcoming Obstacles Handbook was made possible thanks to the generous support of these local sponsors. Explore their information below to learn about their services and how they can help you through whatever challenge you’re facing.

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, grief or trauma? I can help by teaching you easy-to-learn, practical tools to manage and/or release the stress that may be affecting your life and those closest to you. Drop me a line to arrange a free 15-minute consult. Learn more.

We are a caring, professional team of registered psychotherapists and social workers. Dedicated to helping you and your family. To safeguard and maintain mental health. Find strength. Cope with anxiety. Process grief. Relieve trauma. Enhance relationships. Meeting you where you are. Online or in-person. Learn more.

At True Roots Counselling Services, we help people feeling blindsided and/or overwhelmed by life-altering circumstances to Transform Their Trauma Into Triumph. Learn more.

Founder of Smart Sense Counselling, Deanna Kiley passionately cares about helping others find their own power and live their best life.  She specializes in counselling related to fertility issues and 3rd-party reproduction, and has expanded her practice to help teens and adults experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, and grief. Her clients develop better coping skills, and identify ways to manage thought processes and actions, which support healthy living in today’s always-on world. Learn more.

Are you having difficulty with depression, anxiety, or going through a transition in life? Have you tried solving your problems on your own and realized you need help? Talk to Simone when it’s time to get compassionate support and learn strategies that help you get closer to feeling like the best version of yourself. Learn more.

Two of the most difficult life transitions are divorce recovery and the death of a family member. Existential psychotherapy is useful at times of crisis as significant changes shift your world view and alter your sense of self. You do not have to face life transitions alone. As a fellow traveller I will journey alongside you in the discovery of courage, authenticity, and meaning. Visit my website and Instagram page to learn more.

I provide a secure space for all individuals to feel safe to engage in assessment and therapy services. I provide assessments (developmental, educational and diagnostic) and therapy to children, youth, adults and families. I have specific training working with individuals who are Deaf and/or who are Neurodivergent (Autistic/ADHD). To learn more, call 647-893-5180, send me an email or visit my website.

Satinder Brar is a Registered Psychotherapist with extensive experience in individual and couples therapy and family mediation. She has had a successful private practice virtually and in the town of Milton for over 10 years. Satinder is a Tedx speaker, has written for magazines and been featured on radio and television programs. In 2018, 2019 and 2020 she won the Milton Reader’s Choice Award in her category. Learn more.

Cedarway Therapy is a group mental health practice. They have a diverse group of experienced clinicians that offer therapy and assessment services to adults, children, couples, and families. They strive to provide culturally responsive, evidence-based services to treat a wide array of issues. Both in-person and virtual services are available. Learn more.


Lessons learned from leukemia

More life lessons

Cancer reminded me that life is the greatest teacher of all. The following stories share obstacle-busting lessons from some of life’s other awesome and absurd moments — from sleeping in a barn to multiple run-ins with Bill Clinton’s bodyguards to nearly driving a car off a cliff.