Prickly problems demand well-equipped problem solvers. I’m Josh Martin, and my experience with cancer taught me a lot about tackling adversity. Inspired by that journey, I created the Overcoming Obstacles Handbook. Here, you’ll find a free collection of stories and advice, as well as information about obstacle-busting experts in your area to help you get through tough times — whether it’s a broken leg, broken heart, money troubles and more.

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Module 7. Avoiding shortcuts: Lessons learned from a giant backpack

Module 8. Redefining success: Lessons learned from an idiotic bet

Module 9. Letting go: Lessons learned from a gooey pit of clay

Module 10. Taking responsibility: Lessons learned from trying to catch a train

Module 11. Getting creative: Lessons learned from the toboggan hill

Module 12. Fuelling motivation: Lessons learned from sleeping in a barn

Module 13. Handing over control: Lessons learned from riding in a shopping cart

Module 14. Practising gratitude: Lessons learned from a very special list

Module 15. Prioritizing self-care: Lessons learned from a surprise birthday celebration

Module 16. Creating lasting change: Lessons learned from life’s awesome and absurd moments