Petits bonheurs – Montreal, Quebec

Badge of Awesome Communities invites you to share your favourite things to see and do in cool destinations around the world. We caught up with the folks from Petits bonheurs — one of our featured attractions from the Montreal area — to learn about what they have to offer.

What makes Petits bonheurs awesome?

Petits bonheurs: Our goal at Petits bonheurs is to make culture and art accessible for all the children who come from families at all income levels. Moreover, it’s not only for the kids from 3 to 6 years old, we are as well adapted for babies ! It’s one of our strongest conviction that art is the best thing for a complete education and a general fulfillment for the children. We also truly believe that art creates a strong bond between the parents and their kids.  

How do we achieve our goal? During the spring season we offer a wide variety of art shows and artistic workshops. Theater of objects, shadows, puppets, dance, circus, and others are programmed for an intense ten-day program of festivities. The cultural meetings for toddlers is the highlight of our program. This large unifying gathering involves nearly 25,000 participants each year and allows national and international artists to perform in Québec.

Petits Bonheurs is also a fast-growing festival with artists from all around the world. Our recognition is now worldwide, and we’ve been awarded with a couple of prizes. Our network is not anymore only based in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, we’ve now opened several Petits bonheurs throughout Quebec. 

Within almost 15 years of existence we’ve always focused on the idea that if we work on discovering new artists and new cultural concepts, families will have an unforgettable experience through the festival, rich in emotions. That’s why our motto always has been: to move, to surprise and to make all the family laugh!

We’re so glad to invite children, parents, grandparents to come and to participate to our shows and workshops during the 14th edition of Petits bonheurs, from May 4th to 13th, in various venues.

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For more information on the festival and other events, see the online program schedule … you and your toddlers will not be disappointed 😉

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