Play the Fan Game: A bedtime activity for kids

What’s funnier than a pair of underwear landing on someone’s head? Nothing. If you’re looking for a unique way to entertain your little kids, consider the Fan Game: an underwear flingin’ good time.

This week’s Backyard Badge of Awesome goes to Damien Martin (yup, my brother) for introducing us to the awesomeness that is Fan Game. I just hope this doesn’t cause too much conflict in the house when my sister-in-law, Andrea, reads this.

Here’s Damien to break down the rules:

“Here is an awesome way to entertain ourselves (nearly) free of charge and guarantee a long delay in bedtime due to excessive hyperness. Occasionally if Andrea is away in the evening, the kids and I will play “the fan game.” We don’t have a jazzier name for it unfortunately.

It basically works like this – the kids take their clothes off to get ready for bed. Then we will place a different item of clothing (underwear is always funny) on each blade of the ceiling fan. Then I accept wagers on which item will fly off the fan first when I turn it on.

Fan game - loaded fan

Then I turn on the fan, we wait with bated breath as the fan ramps up to clothing dispersal speed. Hilarity ensures as items of clothing fly off (surprisingly at all different times).

You can never quite predict where it will land. But landing spots sure to get a laugh or gasps of amazement include the laundry basket (it wanted to be washed!), the garbage can (item of clothing lacks self esteem), or, the holy grail: underwear on someone’s head/ face.

Fan Game

We usually play three rounds or so and the ‘forbidden fruits’ aspect of the game is a great bonding moment.”

What off-the-wall activities do you play with your kids? Add them to the comments below or email them to me to share on the site.

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4 thoughts on “Play the Fan Game: A bedtime activity for kids

  1. your cuz says:

    maybe Andrea would prefer clean clothes flying thru the air or onto one of theie heads– put the clean jammies and underwear to be put on at bedtime to be flung thru the air and whoever it lands on has to wear it!!

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