Entertain your residents. Spark memories and conversations. Share their stories with the world.

I’m Josh Martin. And before COVID hit, I was a regular presenter at retirement communities and long-term care homes, where I would share absurd stories from my life to entertain the residents. But what really made those speaking engagements so great was listening to their stories. Because without fail, tales of my silly misadventures would spark memories of their own that they would then share with the group. 

When the pandemic made many in-person activities impossible, I decided to turn my illustrated stories into short videos. And today, I’m offering them as a program for seniors.

Humorous and heartfelt stories for – and from – our elders

In each video, I tell a funny story from my life. Residents then get the opportunity to submit their own story via an online form . Or if it’s easier, program staff and volunteers can submit on their behalf. And each month, I’ll post a selection of the submissions on my website to keep those memories alive and allow others to learn about them.

Use the videos to spark memories and conversations as a group activity. Or load them onto an iPad for residents who may be confined to their rooms, giving them a chance to reminisce about their own memorable experiences.

Each Story Bundle contains four video stories and access to an online submission form for residents to submit their own stories. I’ve also included watermarked versions of each video, so you can preview the stories before subscribing.