The "That's Awesome" Photo Contest

The “That’s Awesome” Photo Contest

The "That's Awesome" Photo Contest

The Badge of Awesome Facebook Page needs a new cover image. That’s where you come in. Enter your photos into the That’s Awesome Photo Contest to be the “face” of our Facebook page and win other great prizes. It’s free to enter and a great way to showcase your stuff. Be sure to share this contest with your friends that are into photography!

What we’re looking for

The criterion for this contest is pretty broad. Basically, we want photos that make people say “That’s awesome!” when they see it.*

How to enter, how to win.

  1. Until Friday, September 14th, post your photo(s) to the Badge of Awesome Facebook wall (or email me your entry). All photos must belong to you.
  2. Be sure to include “That’s Awesome Photo Contest” in your caption/description of the photo to flag it as an official entry. (Feel free to include links back to your website/blog as well so you can show off more of your stuff.)
  3. On September 17th, shortlisted candidates will be announced and voting will open for the best photo.
  4. Voting closes on September 27th and the winner will be announced on September 28th.


What you’ll win

The winner will receive the following prizes:

  1. $100 cash prize (CAD)
  2. Their photo will be used as the Badge of Awesome Facebook cover image (with credit given to the winner) throughout the month of October.
  3. The Photography Badge of Awesome
  4. Signed copies of my books.
  5. A 5-in-1 card reader/writer

The best photos will also be added to the Badge of Awesome Photo Gallery with credits and links given back to the owner.

So get those cameras out and let’s get as many people saying “that’s awesome” as we can. Good luck!

Click here to add your photos to Badge of Awesome on Facebook!

*Note: what’s awesome to you may not be awesome to us. As such, Badge of Awesome reserves the right to remove any content it deems inappropriate or offensive.

Old Bucket

Announcing the Bucket List Contest Winners!

Man, oh man. You guys added a lot of amazing bucket list items to the contest. Everything from beating the big balls on Wipeout, eating a meal prepared by an Iron Chef, experiencing the Aurora Borealis in Northern Canada, playing the world’s longest golf course in Australia and having coffee with Paulo Coelho.

Brilliant stuff! I’m going to leave the page up so people can continue to add to it.

Congratulations to Tony Wilford!

It the end it was a heated battle between Tony and Kyla, as they raced neck-and-neck to the finish line. In the end though, Tony squeaked out a victory with 130 votes (followed closely by Kyla’s 108). So congratulations to the winner of the Bucket List Contest, Tony Wilford, for this winning entry:

“To see my two girls grow old and see them enjoy their life as much as I have enjoyed mine!”

Congrats Tony! You’ve won the $100 cash prize, signed copies of my books and the coveted Bucket List Badge of Awesome. Your prize pack is on its way!

Runner ups like prizes too!

The next 10 most-liked Bucket List entries have also won signed copies of my books. If you’re on this list, check your emails for details on claiming your prizes. Congratulations!

Kyla says:

“In no particular order:

  • Build my own sustainable, eco-friendly home.
  • Have coffee with Paulo Coelho.
  • Write a children’s book.
  • Rescue an animal from a shelter.
  • Become completely free of student loan debt.
  • Sing the National Anthem at a Red Sox game!”

Janele says:

  • “Take my parents to Vegas and watch them party like it’s 1971
  • Take my daughter to Poland to see where her Dziadek grew up
  • Adopt a dog from a rescue organization
  • Go sky diving
  • Live on a boat
  • Build a kick a$$ tree fort
  • Sew a quilt”

Jared says:

  • “Spelunk great caves around the world
  • Visit Iceland, throw something into an active volcano
  • Own a Dodge Viper (I’d settle on a Shelby Mustang)
  • Visit Newfoundland
  • Live in a cabin in the woods next to a lake”

Kendra says:

  • “Go swimming with sea otters in Vancouver, BC”

Marianne says:

  • “Qualify and run in the Boston Marathon”

Nicole says:

  • “on my bucket list…to get Josh Martin to do the 2013 Childcan Polar Bear Dip in Kingsville 😉 Oh and beat the number one fundraising team while we’re there. ;)” (Note from Josh Martin: you’re on!)

Shaun says:

  • “Experience the beauty of the Aurora Borealis from northern Canada.”

Tina says:

  • “eat a meal prepared by one of the Iron Chefs to see what all the fuss is about. Preference would be Mario Batali, Michael Symon or Geoffrey Zacharian – but really any one of them would do…especially if it was free
  • Either that or be cool enough to be one of Chuck Hugh’s friends that he invites over for dinner on his show ‘Chucks Day Off’ – but I will settle for paying in one of his restaurants in Montreal
  • Man I’m hungry all of a sudden…”

Kim says:

“I have just been thinking about this!

  • I want to go to the desert (someplace dark and cloudless) to see the perseid meteor shower.
  • Be a contestant on The Price Is Right (shallow, I know, but it looks like so much fun!)
  • Build a straw bale house and live in it. (or at least participate in building it)
  • Sell some artwork so I can make some more! (I’m running out of space.)”

Shaun says:

  • “Travel into space and see the Earth from a whole new perspective.”


Thanks to everybody who participated. Of course, the next step is to change your bucket list into a to-do list. So put on your awesome pants and get out there.

Click here to see all the entries and to add more of your own.

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