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The best thing I can say about my egg salad is that it rarely gives me diarrhoea. I’m not much of a cook. That said, I’m trying to get better and think learning how to cook is a great path to eating healthier and showing off to your friends.

cooking classes

Many places offer cooking classes that can help show you the ropes. Ashley and I have been to a couple at the Kitchener Market and enjoyed the culinary tips (and the free bread). Hop on to the ol’ Google machine and do a quick search for classes in your area. Be sure to call ahead of time to discuss any dietary restrictions you may have – odds are they’ll find ways to accommodate. (The fine folks at Kitchener Market were happy to serve me up a veggie option.)

The kinds and costs of classes range depending on what you’re looking for – from very hands-off demonstrations to full on here’s-an-apron-and-knife-now-get-to-work sessions. Weigh your options and decide what’s best for you.

As a vegetarian, the meat dish we were shown at one event obviously won’t be something I’ll whip up in my home kitchen. But there were still loads of little tricks I picked up having a chef there walking us through things. I now know how to hold a knife so reduce the risk of cutting a finger off (although apparently I’m still working on implementing that advice considering that as I’m typing this, I have a gash on my right index finger from slicing onions the other night). I also now know what a gnocchi board is… and what gnocchi is.

So if you’re looking for an awesome date night idea or some practical advice on how to avoid giving your guests food poisoning, why not sign up for a cooking class?

Got a disaster-in-the-kitchen story you want to share? Add them to the comments below!

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