Grow ideas in the garden of your mind

Mr. Rogers wasn’t exactly “cool”. He was soft-spoken, wore cardigans and had a trolley running through his living room. Odds are you’d never see him on the cover of GQ.

No, he wasn’t cool. But MAN was he awesome.

Like millions of other kids, I grew up watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood. He was as much a part of my childhood as Cheerio’s and peeing my bed.

#7 of the Badge of Awesome Ethos is that “The muscles of imagination and creativity should be flexed often.” This was one of the many great things about Mr. Rogers: he encouraged kids to use their imaginations and “grow ideas in the garden of your mind”.

So when my friend Shaun shared this video with me, I knew it deserved a Badge of Awesome. What’s better than Mr. Rogers? Why, Mr. Rogers remixed and auto-tuned of course!

Created by John D. Boswell from Symphony of Science, this is better than suckering your pal into trading his Twinkie for your bruised banana. Check it out, get those creative juices flowing, put on your outside shoes and get going.


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