Enjoy a few laughs while revving up your resilience

No matter who you are, we all face stretches of stormy weather. UpLift is a one-of-a-kind wellness program designed to help you navigate those difficult times. 

This webinar series was created by Josh Martin: a cancer survivor, author and regular guest facilitator for the Canadian Mental Health Association.  In each of the modules below, you’ll find obstacle-busting advice and practical resources, drawing on lessons learned from life’s awesome and absurd moments.

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Strength Counselling Services

Strength Counselling Services offers online-only, affordable, culturally sensitive therapy. Our licensed, experienced therapists prioritize client needs, maintain ethical standards, and provide expert guidance. We offer comprehensive goal assessments, regular progress checks, and collaboration with other professionals. Ensuring privacy, transparency, and fostering mental wellness, we help clients manage challenges, improve relationships, and achieve personal growth. Learn more.

CHM Therapy Services

With two locations in Milton, CHM Therapy provides a safe place for children and adults to work on personal growth and overcoming mental health challenges. We offer individual and group therapy sessions to help build resilience and support overall mental wellness. Our services are also available online, making it easy and convenient to fit into your schedule. Learn more.

Growing Roots Centre for Therapy & Psychological Services

We’re a multidisciplinary team offering therapy and psychological services. It has been our dream to create a safe, warm, and inclusive space for clients of all ages. With work rooted in relational approaches, we seek to understand the world through your perspective to help find a more comfortable and secure path forward. Learn more.

Irish Dhindsa (Irish Oak Wellness)

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), TAP, Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Certified Practitioner, BSP Practitioner, MACP

Irish embraces a holistic approach, integrating mind, body, and spirit to foster resilience and well-being. Specializing in creating space to re-discover and re-define your sense of self, which you may feel disconnected to, due to grief and trauma. Irish is committed to supporting clients through calm and focused care. Learn more.

Clearview Psychotherapy

Astrid is a compassionate psychotherapist at Clearview Psychotherapy, dedicated to helping you optimize your mental health. Offering confidential online counselling and walk-and-talk therapy, she provides evidence-based skills to move you forward. With Astrid, you’ll find a caring therapist who listens and supports you every step of the way. Learn more.

Enjoy a free wellness webinar series

Lift up your inner awesomeness. Each self-directed module below features entertaining stories from my many misadventures, advice about tackling adversity and a collection of practical resources.

Module 1. Making your own luck: Lessons learned from a coin flip

Module 2. Improving adaptability: Lessons learned from an absurd Christmas tree

Module 3. Embracing teamwork: Lessons learned from a rogue haybale

Module 4. Leveraging tools: Lessons learned from a poorly chosen sledgehammer

Module 5. Learning humility: Lessons learned from a very brief career as a valet

Module 6. Failing forward: Lessons learned from banshee babies and buttered butts

Module 7. Avoiding shortcuts: Lessons learned from a giant backpack

Module 8. Redefining success: Lessons learned from an idiotic bet

Module 9. Letting go: Lessons learned from a gooey pit of clay

Module 10. Taking responsibility: Lessons learned from trying to catch a train

Module 11. Getting creative: Lessons learned from the toboggan hill

Module 12. Fuelling motivation: Lessons learned from sleeping in a barn

Module 13. Handing over control: Lessons learned from riding in a shopping cart

Module 14. Practising gratitude: Lessons learned from a very special list

Module 15. Prioritizing self-care: Lessons learned from a surprise birthday celebration

Module 16. Creating lasting change: Lessons learned from life’s awesome and absurd moments

Celebrate local difference-makers

As Mr. Rogers said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” And throughout Halton Region, you’ll find amazing community organizations doing exactly that, stepping up to make a positive difference. Here are just a few we think deserve a Badge of Awesome.

Meet the superhero of surplus food! Each year, Food for Life rescues millions of pounds of unused eats from grocery stores, farms, and restaurants and redistributes them to local households in need. Learn more.

By funding local programs, United Way Halton & Hamilton tackling big issues like poverty, education and mental health. They’re making life better for everyone, creating happier, healthier places to live. Learn more.

Every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. The Halton Learning Foundation is on a mission to make that happen, providing school supplies, scholarships and more to local students. Learn more.

Across Halton, hospital foundations ensure you have access to high-quality care and medical equipment when it matters most. Learn more.

It’s hammer time! Habitat for Humanity builds and renovates affordable housing for local community members in need. Learn more.

Local resources directory

Looking for a helping hand? Find therapists and other supports in the Halton area!

Active Insight Counselling

Afshin Aheadi-Amin, RP, Ph.D, MACP

Alicia Dance Counselling Services

Anchoridge Counselling

Arthur Counselling

Becoming Resilient Individuals (BRI)

Bliss Counselling + Psychotherapy

Bloom Counselling Services

Body Science Therapy

Brookhaven Psychotherapy

Charo Villa, Registered Psychotherapist

Child Therapy Halton

CHM Therapy Services

Choose Happy Therapy

Clearview Psychotherapy

Counselling & Co.

Crux Psychotherapy

CW Therapy

Dr. Hugon Stevenson

E. L. A. Psychological and Counseling Services

Elaine Park Therapy

Eleanor Clarke Psychotherapy

Elpizo Counselling Services

Ember Relationship Psychology

Embrace Autism

Empowered to Thrive

Evolve Counselling and Assessment Services

Exhale Therapy Services

Faro Counselling

Feel Better Now Psychotherapy & Counselling

Frances Miller, MSW, RSW

Fraser Counselling Services

Fresh Solutions Therapy

GK Therapy

Grow Psychotherapy & Counselling

Growing Roots Centre for Therapy & Psychological Services

Harmony Counselling

Healing Moments

Healing Pathways Counselling

Heart Work Therapy

Hina’s Therapy Practice

In Tune Counselling

Inner Balance Counselling

Irish Oak Wellness Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

Jackie Tapper-Atkinson, MSS, RSW

Jennifer Lynne Walker & Associates

JSP Counselling Services

Kamela Salimi

Karen Spenuk Counselling

Katja Tupak Psychotherapy

Kind Start Psychotherapy

KMT The Learning Group

Lakeshore Couple Therapy Oakville

Light Healing Counseling Services

Lise Fitzsimmons Therapy

Luminare Counselling

MacDonald Counselling

Mannell Coaching Solutions

Mending Pieces Counselling

Mi-Weon Yang, PhD, RP

Milton Psychotherapy Centre

Milton Psychotherapy Centre

Mind Multitudes

Mind Therapy


Mindfulness For Health

Mindscape Counselling

New Leaf Psychology Centre

Oakville Centre for Cognitive Therapy

Pivot Counselling

Positive Kids

Praxis Counselling

Rebecca Burrows Psychotherapy

Revitalize Psychotherapy & Counselling

Serene Heart Counselling and Psychotherapy

Servin Counselling

Shift Cognitive Therapy & Assessment

STC Therapy

Stillspace – Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

Strength Counselling Services

Suntree Wellness

Syeda Gilani, Registered Psychotherapist

Teekay Counselling

The Art of Helping

The Counselling & Pyschotherapy Collective

The Halton Centre

The Healing Couch

The Mind People

The Mindful Living Centre

The Therapy Centre

The Therapy Collective

Therapy Bee

Thriving Family Co.

Town Psychological Services

Uptown Wellness

Whiteboard Counselling

Whole Life Psychology

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