Video lesson

From stressful deadlines to conflicts with your neighbour, obstacles come in all shapes and sizes. This webinar series all about stocking your resilience toolbox, so you’re well equipped to handle whatever challenges life throws your way.

Reflection questions

Take a few minutes to reflect on an obstacle you faced in your life.

  • What made it challenging?
  • What helped you get through it?
  • Were there things you did that made the experience easier?
  • Are there things you wish you did differently?

The goal here is to shift the focus from the adversity itself to your response to it. 

Exercise: Download Simply Blunderful

As a thank you for participating in this webinar series, I’d like to give you a free electronic copy of my book:

Simply Blunderful: A cancer survivor’s illustrated guide to flaming tennis balls, camping catastrophes and the many obstacles life throws our way.

Click here to download your free PDF copy