Video lesson

Life isn’t just about accomplishing your goals. It’s also about how you go about accomplishing them. As Buddha once said, “It is better to travel well, than to arrive.”

Reflection questions

  • Beyond things like money, job titles and material possessions, how would you define a “successful” life?
  • In addition to your accomplishments, what qualities or character traits do you want people to remember you for?
  • Was there a time in your life when you had to sacrifice something you wanted because it was the right thing to do?

Exercise: Make a “to-be” list

To-do lists are awesome. But how about making a to-be list alongside it? Every morning, carve out a minute and ask yourself this question: “How do I want to be today?”

Inspired by the snowy gauntlet, this exercise goes beyond identifying what tasks you want to accomplish. Instead, it’s an opportunity to be intentional about the attitude or energy you’d like to bring to the day.

For example, you might want to approach the day with a patient or productive mindset. Maybe it’s setting a goal to be kinder to your co-worker. Or more outspoken on the weekly Zoom meeting. Whatever it is, add it to your to-be list.

Making a conscious decision about how you want to act as a person can be a great way to broaden your definition of what a successful day looks like.

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