Elevate your next wellness initiative or professional development program

I’m Josh Martin, a cancer survivor, author and motivational speaker. In 2022, the Durham branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association invited me to create an online course about overcoming obstacles based on my latest book

The result was UpLift: a 16-part wellness webinar series. Each self-directed module features entertaining stories from my many misadventures, advice about tackling adversity and a collection of practical resources.

Today, I’m excited to offer this program to all kinds of groups looking to rev up their resilience and problem-solving skills while enjoying a few laughs.

Funny stories. Good advice. Oodles of doodles.

This virtual and self-directed program is perfect for:

  • companies and organizations that are spearheading workplace wellness initiatives or professional development opportunities for their staff and volunteers
  • counsellors and coaches who want to equip their clients with additional resources
  • educators who are keen to boost the resilience of their students
  • support group leaders who are looking for fun tools to help their members 

Here’s how it works…


Explore more than a dozen obstacle-busting topics.

When you subscribe to UpLift, we’ll email you a link and password that you can share with your group, allowing them to access and explore the webinar series at their own pace. For a taste of what to expect, here’s a preview of the first module, along with a list of the topics covered in this program.

Module 1. Making your own luck: Lessons learned from a coin flip

Module 2. Improving adaptability: Lessons learned from an absurd Christmas tree

Module 3. Embracing teamwork: Lessons learned from a rogue haybale

Module 4. Leveraging tools: Lessons learned from a poorly chosen sledgehammer

Module 5. Learning humility: Lessons learned from a very brief career as a valet

Module 6. Failing forward: Lessons learned from banshee babies and buttered butts

Module 7. Avoiding shortcuts: Lessons learned from a giant backpack

Module 8. Redefining success: Lessons learned from an idiotic bet

Module 9. Letting go: Lessons learned from a gooey pit of clay

Module 10. Taking responsibility: Lessons learned from trying to catch a train

Module 11. Getting creative: Lessons learned from the toboggan hill

Module 12. Fuelling motivation: Lessons learned from sleeping in a barn

Module 13. Handing over control: Lessons learned from riding in a shopping cart

Module 14. Practising gratitude: Lessons learned from a very special list

Module 15. Prioritizing self-care: Lessons learned from a surprise birthday celebration

Module 16. Creating lasting change: Lessons learned from life’s awesome and absurd moments