Prickly problems demand well-equipped problem solvers. I’m Josh Martin, and my experience with cancer taught me a lot about tackling adversity. Inspired by that journey, I created the Overcoming Obstacles Handbook. Here, you’ll find a collection of stories, inspiration and advice about getting through tough times — from broken legs and broken hearts to COVID quarantines, money troubles and more.

Local resources: Need a helping hand?

This edition of the Overcoming Obstacles Handbook was made possible thanks to the generous support of these local sponsors. Explore their information below to learn more about their services and how they can help you through whatever challenge you’re facing.

Sacred Healing offers holistic trauma informed therapy services for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and other struggles with a specialization in the childbearing years. This includes support for pregnancy loss, infertility, difficult birth experiences and  postpartum. All sessions include the option of energy and sound healing as a compliment to talk therapy.

Let us help you find the Magic in your world. We are Counselling Therapists and would be privileged to walk along with you in your healing journey. We specialize in grief and loss, anxiety, depression and trauma, but we also love helping our clients during times of transitions — whether it is a career, relationship, illness or another life change. Call Patty of Ilona for a free 15-minute chat: 204-770-7733 |

Looking for a complimentary form of medicine to help address your health care needs? Contact Winnipeg Homoeopathic Clinic to see how we can help you achieve better health through Homeopathic Medicine.

301–1200 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB | (204) 799-2962

Get Empowered with Psychotherapy Today!

Does this Sound familiar? You’re a go getter who moves at a fast pace, but has trouble slowing down. You’re always putting others first – You come in last place! You suffer from anxiety in your daily life, work and relationships. You don’t feel heard or supported. If this is your story, I can help you!


We are a team of four physiotherapists, three massage therapists, an occupational therapist, and a registered dietitian who work closely together to get the best results possible. We excel at using proven treatments to ease pain, speed up healing and restore people’s pursuits in life. Our therapists have over 80 years of combined experience and we provide one-on-one expert care from a therapist during the entire visit.
3354 Roblin Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB R3R 0C5

I support my clients in their endeavor to live a fulfilling life and manage symptoms of OCD, Anxiety, and Depression. My services include virtual private sessions, teaching for organizations, and certifying individuals on becoming Mental Health First Aiders. Committed to the communities I serve, I’m offering free 15-minute consultations.

Studio 71 Yoga is a boutique-style studio where in-person and virtual classes are inclusive spaces of equity and accessibility, honouring the traditions of yoga, a mind/body/spirit practice. You will be inspired and empowered, regardless of your ability or background, on your journey to enjoy life more.


Lessons learned from leukemia

More life lessons

Cancer reminded me that life is the greatest teacher of all. The following stories share obstacle-busting lessons from some of life’s other awesome and absurd moments — from sleeping in a barn to multiple run-ins with Bill Clinton’s bodyguards to nearly driving a car off a cliff.