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Texas is a pretty big state. It offers so much for anyone looking for a vacation destination in the United States. And there is plenty to do if you’re just passing through as well. People come to Texas as part of a cross-country road trip, or because they have a particular interest in the area. Whatever your reason for being here, you’re in for a treat.

Austin is the state capital, but Houston is home to more people. Other cities in the state that are worth checking out include Dallas, San Antonio, and El Paso. Each has its own character and catalog of brilliant attractions. But being a big state, you may need to allow for some travel time when moving between them. However, some of the best road routes also offer some fantastic views. And if you’re from another state, you might just fall in love with the landscapes of Texas.

If you start in Houston, you could be forgiven for spending your entire vacation here. This great city in the east of the state is home to the Space Center. NASA’s astronauts perform much of their training here. And the visitor center is something not to be missed. Downtown is home to the Theater District. Here you can find the Houston Grand Opera, and many incredible productions to enjoy each evening.

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The Historic District is a feast for the eyes and the stomach. It is home to some of the most beautiful examples of nineteenth-century architecture, as well as some of the best restaurants in the state. The city is close to the Gulf of Mexico, so the weather can be warm and sunny. It can sometimes feel quite humid at times as well. Nearly every building is comfortably air conditioned.

You can take a bus from Houston to Austin to enjoy some of the best live music in the world. The America’s Raceway is here for some speed and action. But it’s the eccentricity of the city that makes it so popular. It’s so highly cherished as a home for its inhabitants too. There are many festivals and annual events to coincide with your visit. As well as the music scene, film-making has a long history with the city. There are festivals and events to celebrate this too.

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Austin is certainly one of the best places to head if you love music and a pumping nightlife. But, like Houston, other creative arts are very popular here too. The theaters in the city enjoy rave reviews, and there are a number of highly regarded dance groups including the ballet. Sports are very popular too. The climate and terrain lend itself to many outdoor activities.

No matter which city you visit in this sprawling state, you’re in for a treat. With so much to do, you may not have time to explore fully every city, town, or attraction you may be interested in. However, there is always plenty of time for you to come back again and again to enjoy something new about this incredible state.

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