Bicycle around Angkor Wat: Cambodia

The world is full of awesome things to see. But oftentimes, how you see something matters just as much as what you see. This week’s Blue Marble Badge of Awesome goes to Jon Chilton, for sharing his bicycling experience around temples in Cambodia.

Here’s Jon describing his experience:

“One of, if not the most, amazing places and experiences I’ve ever had. Extra cool being able to travel from ruin-to-ruin by bike. You would need a whole week to see all of them though, as they cover a vast area. It’s quite amazing. I was at Angkor Wat for the sunset by myself one night. It was so surreal! Angkor is the name of the area with Angkor Wat being just one temple, albeit the most famous/recognizable. It wasn’t even the largest. I thought the others were just as impressive in fact!”

Biking around Angkor

Biking around Angkor

The temples of Angkor Wat has always been high on my to-see list. The world’s largest Hindu temple complex, Angkor Wat was built by King Suryavaman II in the 12th century in what is present-day Cambodia. Angkor Wat means “City of Temples” and is such a symbol of Cambodia that it can be found on their national flag.

A great way to see the temples of Cambodia is from the seat of a bicycle. While there are many packaged tours you can pre-arrange, you’ll find cheaper and more authentic options by hiring a bike when you get there.

Sunset at Angkor

Sunset at Angkor


Jon the Conqueror

Angkor Wat


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2 thoughts on “Bicycle around Angkor Wat: Cambodia

  1. Dan Martin says:

    Several years ago, I also visited the complex with my wife. We travelled by scooter instead of by bike. Scooters are available everywhere and cost very little to rent. The experience was just as enriching. The Khmer people are friendly and, particularly for those living in or around Phnom Penh or the Angkor Wat complex, very used to seeing visitors to their beautiful country. Many of them break into wide smiles when they see foreigners zooming around on the 50 cc scooters.

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