Congratulations to the “That’s Awesome” Photo Contest Winner

Congrats goes out to Allison Tilly of Ottawa, Ontario, whose “Snow Tunnel” photo received the most votes in the “That’s Awesome” Photo Contest!

Snow Tunnel, by Allison Tilly

Allison’s photo will be used as Badge of Awesome’s Facebook cover image for the month of October (even though I agree it’s too early to be thinking about snow!). She’s also won the $100 cash prize, signed copies of my books and the coveted Photography Badge of Awesome.

Big thanks to EVERYBODY who entered and voted. You’re awesome. And even though the contest is officially over, I say let’s keep the photos coming! Post your awesome pics on our Facebook page and let’s get more people saying “Yup. That’s awesome.”

Josh is the creative force behind Badge of Awesome, where he noodles and doodles about life and the lessons learned from it. He's the author of Simply Blunderful and creator of The Overcoming Obstacles Toolkit.