Knit Pickers PEI – Prince Edward Island

Badge of Awesome Communities invites you to share your favourite things to see and do in cool destinations around the world. We caught up with the folks from Knit Pickers PEI — one of our featured attractions from Prince Edward Island — to learn about what they have to offer.

What makes Knit Pickers PEI awesome?

Knit Pickers PEI: Simple authenticity is a luxury – and we believe in living life luxuriously!

Luxury is not based on a price-point; it is giving yourself the gift of indulging in what gives your heart joy and brings joy to others. It may be the luxury of giving back to others through volunteer work, of learning something new, of spending time with your favourite people, of caring for the world in which we live, of the sheer simplicity of enjoying your favourite things.

At Knit Pickers PEI, we love to share our knowledge and passion for knitting with natural fibres. It makes my heart sing when young knitters return the next day, full of joy and excitement, to show off what they have created. We feature wool from Island sheep farms where the animals are raised with care and love. Healthy and happy sheep gift us with the best quality of fibre. The wool is spun and organically dyed right here in PEI. Our knitting needles, crochet hooks and knitting looms are all handmade in the Maritimes. Our knitting patterns are Knit Pickers originals – inspired by the beauty of our Island.

Not a knitter? We also carry our own original line of knitwear. We offer custom-made tartans, including the new MacEachern tartan which we were honoured to design and which has been recently registered with the Scottish Registry of Tartans. Our “Ewe Love” line of natural bath and body products, including an exclusive line of sheep’s milk soap, is made either on site or through collaboration with a local soap maker.

Speaking of collaboration, our “Authentic PEI Experiences” highlight collaborations with other creative, local Island entrepreneurs. Our “Looms, Lambs and Lobster” experience, which is open to anyone between the ages of 6-106, involves a 2-hour loom knitting workshop (no knitting experience required), followed by a visit to a neighbouring sheep farm where you meet the sweet sheep who provide us with some of our wool and you sample their delicious sheep’s milk cheese and yoghurt. The experience wraps up with a delightful lunch at a local café where the French-trained chefs have created a special lunch for our guests featuring a beautiful lobster salad with sheep’s milk cheese. New experiences are in development for the 2018 summer season – stay tuned!

At Knit Pickers PEI, we offer you the luxury of stepping away from technology and a hectic pace of life and of stepping into a world of hands-on creativity.

Visit the Knit Pickers PEI website to learn more!

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