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Live more responsibly at Lifestyle Citizens

Be more awesome to each other and the world around you. Those are the guts of our sister organization, Lifestyle Citizens. I set up the not-for-profit as a way to help people who want to live more socially and environmentally responsible.

The organization is made up of a small but mighty board of directors and team of dedicated volunteers. Together, we’re setting up community chapters that help connect people to socially and environmentally responsible products, services and initiatives in their area.

We currently have the following Chapters up and running, with more planned:

We also host public events and run campaigns like the Simple Pleasures Project, featured in the video below.

So whether you’re looking for ways to be a bit more green, reduce your consumption or add some fair trade coffee to your morning caffeine addiction, Lifestyle Citizens can help. Pop on by, friendos!

Josh Martin
Josh Martin is the creative force behind Badge of Awesome. He lives in southwestern Ontario, Canada and is the author of "Misadventure Musings: Lessons learned from life's awesome and absurd moments" and "The Overcoming Obstacles Handbook."

One thought on “Live more responsibly at Lifestyle Citizens

  1. Matthew says:

    Looking forward to having our company join your public events and campaigns in the future.

    We help houses and company in removing old junk by donating the reusable household items and proper recycling practices. This is our advocacy simple ways we strive to make a difference.

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