Rage Axe Throwing – Montreal, Quebec

Badge of Awesome Communities invites you to share your favourite things to see and do in cool destinations around the world. We caught up with the folks from the Rage Axe Throwing — one of our featured attractions from the Montreal area — to learn about what they have to offer.

What makes Rage Axe Throwing awesome?

Rage: Tell me which one sounds better in response to “what did you do this weekend?” “oh yeah, we went to quill town to go bowling. It was fun” or “I went to Rage to learn how to fricken throw axes!”.

The question is pretty much rhetorical at this point.

At Rage, we pride ourselves on offering an experience to individuals and large groups that is new, exciting, challenging, and cathartic. Why get a strike with a ball when you can get a bullseye with an axe? Learn a new skill and tap into the visceral side of yourself that’s been sleeping. Do something you never imagined you would, and do it well!

We offer in depth, step by step tutorials to every client from a highly trained and skilled staff who want nothing more than to see people succeed. It’s an awesome new sport, with an incredible thriving community, and Rage is awesome because all we want (besides bullseyes) is to help you become the newest member of our growing family.

Rages gives the urbanites of cities like Montreal and Vancouver the chance to channel their inner woodsman. With a rich history of timber trade, Canada has always been a land of cottage country and an immense outdoors where many city-goers crave their annual camping trip year-long. Not only does the Rage team give aspiring axe-wielders a place to throw in the heart of urban-centers, it does so safely, and will help hone the skill amidst the pleasures of its violent cathartis.

The tightly-knit timber-sports community has steadily grown universally over the last decade, and Rage wants to make you part of that family by training the layman to wield what was the tool of the once most wide-spread trade across North-America.

So what makes us awesome? We’re bringing back the old ways. Axe-Throwing is in our blood. It’s in yours. Get in tune with your roots and come learn to be the badass you always knew you were.

Visit the Rage Axe Throwing website to learn more!

Josh Martin
Josh Martin is the creative force behind Badge of Awesome. He lives in southwestern Ontario, Canada and is the author of "Misadventure Musings: Lessons learned from life's awesome and absurd moments" and "The Overcoming Obstacles Handbook."

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