Sandboard the Dunes: Peru, New Zealand, Namibia and more

Growing up in Canada, tobogganing factored big in my childhood. Each winter the hills around Port Albert, Ontario became the grounds for epic battles with my siblings and cousins. I often felt bad that people living in warmer climates were missing out on this awesome activity. But then Ashraf Dean submitted this photo of him in New Zealand and I got introduced to something called sandboarding.

New Zealand isn’t the only place where this sandy version of tobogganing and snowboarding happens. You’ll also find sandboarding in places like Peru, Namibia, Australia, Egypt, South Africa, Chile, Germany and Nicaragua. In the case of Nicaragua, riders can board down the sandy slopes of Cerro Negro, a real-life, active volcano.

Here’s a video from Cerro Blanco in Peru for your bucket list’s consideration:

With sandboarding, you’re more likely to get sunburn than frostbite. And sand, not snow, in your butt crack. Most importantly though, you’re sure to get a great story out of it. So whether you’re a snowboarding or tobogganing junkie, or just looking for a cool new experience, sandboarding may be the thrill for you.


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