Cave Hotel, Turkey

Sleep in a cave: Cappadocia, Turkey

I’ve slept in a lot of different places in my day. Couches, tents, floors, laundry rooms. At the foot of a volcano, in a village on stilts, on a beach, on a mountain, in a farmer’s field. Train stations, bus stations, airports. But I’ve never slept in a cave. And after seeing photos like this one, I really want to.

Cave Hotel, Turkey

Shoestring Cave Pension, Cappadocia. Photo by Darcy McCarty.

Here’s Reena Ganga, from Wanderplex, describing the cave hotels in Cappadocia, Turkey:

“The idea of sleeping in a cave doesn’t hold much appeal to those of us who are non-campers, but I’ll admit, it does sound pretty hard-core.

Which is exactly why I was excited about sleeping in a cave when I visited Turkey. The even more exciting part was that this cave had four walls, a comfortable double bed and an en-suite bathroom with a (sometimes) hot shower.

In fact, if you visit Cappadocia in the central part of Turkey, you’ll quickly discover that almost all the hotels are in caves. This is because the region is famous for its natural fairy-chimney style rock formations, out of which locals have carved houses, churches and monasteries.” – Reena Ganga, Wanderplex

Check out Cappadocia Cave Suites website for more photos and information about some of these awesome hotels. The video below also gives you a bit of a taste of the experience.


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