Spam, Spam, Spam! – Visiting One of The Weirdest Museums in America

Ok, so maybe you like to do kooky things, and that’s good! Life is way too short to worry about what other people have to say about your choices. But no matter how kooky you are, the chances are that you haven’t considered a trip the USA’s very own Spam museum! Well, that is all about to change, so keep reading!

What is Spam?


Spam is a canned meat made of spiced pork and ham, ‘sp’ ‘am,’ get it? It’s iconic in Hawaiian cuisine and also played a major role in feeding the population and troops during WW2 when food was rationed, as it didn’t have to be refrigerated.

Did you know that there are currently 15 types of spam, not including the spreadable varieties? Yes, that’s right you can, in fact, get chorizo-flavoured spam and even teriyaki for all those Japanese dishes that require it as an ingredient!

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What can you do there?

Well, there are a lot of cool activities for the spam lover to engage in at the museum, which is located in Minnesota. You can work on a fake, Spam canning line. Or visit the spam theater, which talks you through the history of the product.

Of course, the most favorite activity is often the Chez Spam. This is a cooking demonstration., with edible samples, that’s right people make sure you sit at the front!

If you are walking round the museum and have any questions you can ask the attendants or ‘spambassadors’ for some help. There is also a fascinating world map of spam distribution, which shows Polynesia as one of the largest consumers of the product.

Where can you stay near there?

So now you are completely convinced that your next vacation would not be any fun unless you get yourself down to the Spam museum! Now it’s time to work out where to stay.

You can choose a room at the Holiday Inn Austin Conference Center or AmericInn Lodge & Suites Austin, which are both less than a mile away from the museum.

But many people choose to incorporate a visit, during a longer road trip using an RV. It’s best to choose an RV like a Fifth Wheeler. This is because Fifth Wheelers allow you to use your truck separately, so you can travel around the area while keeping your base camp going.

What about other weird stuff to do?

If you do decide that a road trip is a good idea, then there are plenty of other kooky sights and cool things to do along the way.

Why not check out the world’s largest Coffee Pot in Bedford PA .Or how about doing the Ben and Jerry’s factory tour in Vermont Hill? Don’t forget to check of the flavor graveyard. This is where discontinued flavors are respectfully remembered, with real tombstones. Really!

Or if you are into creepy as well as kooky there is the  Or if you are into creepy as well as kooky there is the always the Clown Motel in Nevada Texas that you should pay a visit to. If you dare!

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