The Surreal Calm of Joshua Tree, USA

If there’s one kind of holiday destination that US has over the rest of the world, it’s the sheer splendor of its national parks. Seeing Old Faithful blow at Yellowstone has to be an item that’s included on most travelling bucket lists. It’s far from the only one, however. In this article, we’re going to look at Joshua Tree. Sprawling vistas, retreat for generations of artists and a surreal piece of wilderness you need to see.

Joshua Tree

Preparing for Joshua Tree

One of the things about this national park is that is takes a good deal of preparation if you plan on heading out there. One of the biggest concerns about Joshua Tree is dehydration. It’s an arid part of the world where dehydration is a lot easier than you think. You need to carry and drink a gallon of water a day, even if you’re not thirsty. Similarly, the weather can be a real danger. The summers are incredibly hot and furious winds and flash storms are serious concerns. So make sure you check up on a weather forecast before you get out there.

Your own retreat

You don’t necessarily have to spend all your time at Joshua Tree out in the desert, either. As popular a destination as it is, there are some great retreats well worth staying at. You can have all the benefits of outdoor living but a retreat complete with a pool to return to. It can make the desert a lot more manageable for those who aren’t exactly prepared for spending nights out in the deep of the park. That said, there are plenty of you who will want to get out there and get the full experience.

Setting up camp

There are no bad campgrounds at Joshua Tree. There’s always at least one great sight nearby. If you’re taking a tent with you, you might want the running water and amenities available at Black Rock. However, if you really want to get out in the wild, then you have that option too. The Indian Cove is right by the Wonderland of Rocks, but it’s an 18 mile drive out. Perfect for those of you with a Cougar RV to drive out there. But you don’t want to spend all day camping.

Go exploring

Getting set up and finding your place to stay at Joshua Tree is important. But so is taking the time to explore and see some of the downright phenomenal sights on offer. For example, Arch Rock is just one example of the seemingly otherworldly rock formations you’ll see in the desert. Keys View is an elevated deck that gives you one of the best views of the horizon you can hope for. No matter where you go, you need to take a nighttime stroll just to see how the landscape changes as well. On the desert, the colors put on a dramatic play at sunset, before opening up to the clearest view of the stars possible.

We hope this article has inspired just a few of you explorers to get out there and see Joshua Tree National Park. You won’t regret it.

Josh Martin
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