The Hood Archery Games – London, Ontario

Badge of Awesome Communities invites you to share your favourite things to see and do in cool destinations around the world. We caught up with the folks from The Hood Archery Games — one of our featured attractions from the London, Ontario area — to learn about what they have to offer.

What makes The Hood Archery Games awesome?

The Hood: We offer an out-of-the-ordinary, fun, adventurous experience that will get you on your feet and moving! Whether you are dodging our foam tipped arrows in Archery Wars, running from the rapid fire of Nerf Blasters in our Nerf Wars, or learning to perfect your archery shot in our Flight School, we promise you won’t be disappointed. 

We understand that everyday activities can make it easy to forget to take some time for fun in your life, and the world we live in today is full of technological devices that interfere with social interactions. Running around trying to meet various demands whether for school, work, or family can be stressful. We provide you with the perfect surroundings to run around and blow off steam in an exhilarating and fun way. It also doesn’t hurt when you get to beat a few of your opponents in a friendly game of archery.

The Hood Archery Games opened in November of 2015. Our 5,000-square-foot facility is located in South London near White Oaks Mall, just minutes from the 401. Since opening, we have become a unique and exciting go-to sports recreation facility for the city of London and surrounding area. 

What we offer:

Archery Wars is somewhere between laser tag and paint ball with dodge ball rules. Instead of throwing a ball at team mates, players are equipped with bows and (safe) foam-tipped arrows. We have about a dozen different game modes or game types for players to chose from, from a simple elimination style game to games where each player assumes a different role to help their team be the first to accomplish their objective.

Nerf Wars is a capture the flag style game where players are armed with Nerf Blasters and run around our arena flinging foam at their friends and family. Two teams compete in a variety of objective-based scenarios such as basic “capture the flag” or “free the hostage.”

Flight School teaches participants the basics of archery using our safe, foam tipped arrows. Participants learn proper stance and form, as well as how to load, aim and shoot the bow properly. All of the skills are then honed while playing a series of fun target based games. 

Whether you’re looking for corporate events, team building, birthday parties, fundraisers, just for fun, etc., we’ve got an experience for you! 

Operating Hours:

Monday/Tuesday: CLOSED  
Wednesday/Thursday: 530pm-9pm
Friday: 530pm-10pm
Saturday: 1030am-10pm
Sunday: 1230pm-6pm

We are also available for out of hours bookings. 

Visit The Hood Archery Games website and Facebook page to learn more!

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