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Badge of Awesome Communities invites you to share your favourite things to see and do in cool destinations around the world. We caught up with the folks from Mukwah Rafting Tours — one of our featured attractions from the Calgary area — to learn about what they have to offer.

What makes Mukwah Rafting Tours awesome?

Mukwah: The first explorers to the Sundre and Clearwater regions must have been amazed by the winding pristine rivers. A good portion of Albertan’s think of the Red Deer River as the perfect river to throw a tube in and enjoy a leisurely float. That’s true for most of the Red Deer River but not in Alberta’s foot hills.  Most people think this is what we do at Mukwah Rafting Tours, but they are in for a big surprise, we do white water.

Our company’s motto of “Expect the Unexpected” will hold true as we have some gnarly white water and technically class four rapids.

Mukwah means bear by the Ojibway tribesman and they saw the bear as their great protector. The Mukwah crew will make sure we take every precaution and safety measure so you are well taken care of. The adventure lasts for four hours and hopefully you listened to the safety talk and are heeding the many commands. All, so that you stay in the raft and not get an impromptu swim into the river.

We battle rapids curiously named Fluffy Bunny, Moustache Ride and Gooseberry. Don’t be fooled by their names and expect a nonchalant minor thrill these are instead adrenalin-filled walls of water that will try every which way to toss you into the river. Be prepared for huge grins and spirted conversation of the day’s adventure on the bus ride back to base camp. We end up chatting about what was the biggest hit of the day, what rapid was your favourite and of the river conditions, which changes almost daily.

The melt this year with all of the snow we are getting is going to provide some pretty awesome rafting, and if experience is any indication, Mukwah’s customers are in for some fun-filled afternoons on the Red Deer River.

Do you like to camp? Mukwah’s Campground has treed private sites and 2 group sites. Like to camp, don’t have a trailer or tent or don’t like sleeping on the ground?  Mukwah has camping-cabins, warm, dry and with a proper bed. Top off your trip with our famous Steak BBQ, a full meal you are guaranteed not to leave hungry.

Mukwah has rafting, guided hikes, horse trail rides, natural water slides (part of the guided hike)   and a wood fired sauna. Come experience it all.

Ryan Thompson: At Mukwah we all have a passion for white water rafting. Approximately 30 years ago some friends of mine dragged me out to give me my first white water experience. 12 years later I purchased Mukwah, and 18 years after that, my passion still hasn’t been snuffed. Even the floods of 2013 couldn’t deter us from stopping. I can point out debris along the river, many kilometers from base camp where we put in, which was once buildings on our property. It’s left where it landed as a reminder of the power of Mother Nature, and it’s only a matter of time until it happens again. But me and the Mukwah crew have learned to “Expect the Unexpected,” ride it out, and let the river run its course.

Check out the Mukwah Rafting Tours website for all the awesome details!

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