cow patty bingo

Raise money using poop: Cow Patty Bingo

I grew up in rural Southwestern Ontario. So I’m no stranger to cow poop. But in all my years of smelling it, stepping in it and hurling it at my cousins, it never once crossed my mind to use it to raise money for charity.


Here’s how Cow Patty Bingo works:

  1. A grid is set up in a field with each square representing a number (you don’t need the fancy system they had set up in the above video).
  2. Players place bets on which square the cow(s) will take a dump on.
  3. The cows are released into the field where they wander around until nature calls.
  4. Whoever picked the correct square wins the cash prize (and will probably cheer more for poop than they ever thought they would).
  5. Proceeds from the event are donated to your charity.
  6. The cows pose for photos.

cow patty bingo

Of course, we’re dealing with live animals here. So there’s a rare but real possibility that the cow simply won’t go (as this next video shows). But from my experience, cows poop ALL the time so I wouldn’t worry about this too much.


Cow Patty Bingo: A real crappy way to fundraise. Ah, puns.

Have you ever played Cow Patty Bingo? Any variations you know of? What are some other awesome “rural” events?

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